Skylark (Original Arrangement) - Danny Fong Feat. David Lane


Do you enjoy my music? Please consider becoming my Patron and supporting my work on YouTube! Links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Learn more about me here: A Cappella Learning Tracks and inquiries: I wrote this arrangement specifically for David and I with our ranges in mind of a beautiful jazz standard. I tried to make it a standalone piece without needing accompaniment, and threw in a little Puerling flair. This recording features an amazing vocalist, David Lane. Please check out his work with his other groups! David Lane: Sings bass with Duwende and Bari/Bass with Cadence: Once again, super-thanks to the Patrons who are making this music possible! Want to make your own recordings, for fun or professionally? Here is my equipment and other recommendations. Often times, what you pay for, is what you get. Use my referral links to support my music. My equipment (software is Mac only): Mic - SM7B : Preamp - Apogee Duet: Studio Monitors - Headphones - Sennheiser HD280 Pro: Camera - Canon Rebel T5i: Video Editing - Final Cut Pro X: Audio Recording and Mixing - Logic Pro X: Mac Mini: Keyboard/Midi Control: M-Audio Keystation: Lighting Kit: My cheaper, entry-level recommendations: Blue “Yeti” Microphone: Blue "Snowball" Microphone: Studio Monitors KRK Rokit 5: Professional Windows Alternative Programs Video Editing - Sony Vegas: Audio Recording/Mixing - Protools:

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