Legally Blondes 2 Movie 2003 - Reese Witherspoon

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Legally Blondes 2 Red, White & Blonde is the 2003 sequel to the 2001 film. It was produced by MGM, with Reese Witherspoon again starring as Elle Woods, Luke Wilson, Sally Field, Regina King, Bruce McGill, and Bob Newhart in english version. Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde evokes a fairy-tale America in which a congresswoman's blond junior staff member, pretty in pink, is asked to address a joint session of 2003 Congress and sways them with her appeal for animal rights. Not in this world. It might happen, though, in the world of the movie--but even then, her big 2009 speech is so truly wrong, she'd be laughed out of town. The movie chronicles the continuing adventures of Elle Woods, the Reese Witherspoon character. Elle, for whom pink is not a favorite color but a lifestyle choice, is like a walking, talking beauty and cosmetics magazine with full movie superficial girly things causes people do other things.
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