EXO (엑소) ♫ Black Pearl ~bring me that horizon~ piano remix

Duration = 04:03

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I went to practice "Black Pearl" this morning with just my printed chords and melody, having no idea what kind of cover/remix it would be. And four hours later, I had this. I'm scared because... I think you'll either love it or hate it. So I will explain myself now! I borrowed from Hans Zimmer, and Hiromi Uehara, my two favorite composers. Zimmer of COURSE, duh. Listen for the bridge where there's supposed to be rap XD I absolutely LOVE contrast. In dynamics, tempo, texture, especially crazy versus lullabye-soft XD It makes my playing sound sort of insane, maybe... double personality... but holy smokes, it's the best fun I can have. Other than articulation, phrasing, accuracy, speed, style, and EVERYTHING I futilely ATTEMPT to learn and imitate from Hiromi, the only human being I worship on this planet, I borrowed, transposed, and altered her left hand from her crazy piece "The Gambler," for the chorus of "Black Pearl." It happened because I've been listening to that song for the past week, and I guess... I can't help but trrrry to be like her waaaah ;___; She's my idol!! Oh, thinking about Hiromi's perfection also drove me. Drove me to not settle with the first take, nor the fifth, nor tenth! Because I can and will do BETTER. It's not perfect, but it's my best (*cough 15th-ish) take :) I do hope you like it, and not hate me for butchering the song... 준수오빠도 요섭오빠도 다른 타이프 아이돌이야 ♥ 다른 사랑~ And about the original song, LOL. The lyrics don't talk about it, but when I listen to EXO sing it, I can't stop from being filled with this crushing, despairing, desperation. There's no other word for it: desperate. It hurts to listen to it. Sometimes a good hurt, sometimes unbearable. And, their entire album is AMAZING. And of course, POTC fans, "now bring me that horizon" is a Jack Sparrow quote :) I put the sheet music I transcribe on my tumblr at: http://ongaku4u.tumblr.com But here's the "Black Pearl" sheets :) http://www.mediafire.com/?b0qjvm425406s44 I update on Facebook :) http://facebook.com/keudaepiano
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