9 Horror Films That Make you Feel Gross Part 2A: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

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Let's be buddies @CinemanSteve In the list of simple degradation, simplicity is key. These films depict mankind's savagery with austerity, often acting as an endurance test for its viewers I Spit on Your Grave "As it was, at the film's end I walked out of the theater quickly, feeling unclean, ashamed and depressed." Roger Ebert was certainly not the only critic to lambaste I Spit On Your Grave. Several critics spoke out on the films' wanton and destructive nature, but this disdain wasn't exactly unanimous. I Spit on Your Grave's 55% rotten tomatoes score is a reflection of the film's polarity. There is nothing complicated about I Spit on Your Grave. A women escapes the big city noise to a cabin on a quiet lake to finish her novel. However, instead of completing the novel, she is raped by four men for 10 minutes, and then raped by the same for men for another 10 minutes, and then finally… raped by the same four men for 10 more minutes. The merciless rape seems to drag on for eternity, and midway through, Actress Chamille Keaton offers one of the most bone chilling screams in horror history. As a sort of consolation for the atrocity we endure as viewers, we get the pleasure of seeing each rapist hideously murdered by their victim. Most notably, a castration scene. Actor Eron Tabor maybe have come across as a David Hess wannabe, but his harrowing bellows as he mourns the loss of his favorite member… well, really the whole scene is probably the most memorable. Director Meir Zarchi wrote the screenplay after helping a rape victim; and originally titling the film "Day of the Women," his intentions seemed clear from the getgo, but the question still remained for a lot of people: Is I Spit on Your Grave a genuine expose on the horrors of rape, society's harmful preconceived notion that "if a girl dresses or acts a certain way, she's asking for it," and are the rapists' comeuppance a warning to sexually aggressive men that they will and should be held accountable for such cruelty? Or is the film itself a cruel act? Interestingly enough, some feminists that initially picketed the release of I Spit On Your Grave, have since turned their viewpoint, accepting the films' feminists undertones. To me, the film is not well shot, or well written, the acting is inconsistent at best, the lack of music makes the non-rape and murder scenes kinda' tough to pay attention to, and the characters are just flat. Feminist or not, it's not a great film, but as a guy who saw it in his teenage years, I can attest, not only is the rape in I Spit on Your Grave most memorable, but it leave that long-lasting gross feeling in the pit of my stomach. And with dealing with the topic of rape, that's exactly what it should do.
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