A Hundred Thousand Angels - Bliss

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Worldwuan Videos. Un Mundo Fenomenal. https://www.youtube.com/user/Worldwuanvideos Subtitles in English and Spanish lyrics. Lucinda Drayton. singer songwriter, producer and Andrew Blissett. pianist/ keyboards, composer, producer. Lucinda and Andy met 9 years ago whilst working as session musicians in London, They began writing together and set up a small studio based in Berkshire.  In 1994 they wrote the number one hit, The Real Thing with artist, Toni Di Bart. This track was a huge dance hit and charted throughout Europe.Over the next year they wrote another top 20 hit with Toni and co-produced the album which featured 4 songs co-written by Bliss. They later signed to EMI publishing with their own material. Sung by Lucinda, these original songs fell more into the singer songwriter, guitar based category (Alanis Morrisette/ Sheryl Crow)Lucinda's debut album was released in 1997 to considerable critical acclaim; titled Suicidal Angel, It was recorded live in a studio in Lucinda's native Cornwall and received a 4 star review in 'Q' magazine. The single I said hey was A listed by radio one but due to lack of distribution only reached the top 100.The two then toured Germany and Britain doing live radio sessions which stunned audiences and gained them a considerable following. At this time they were signed to Edel records in the UK.After Suicidal Angel, Luce and Andy wrote a whole new album of folky /acoustic material, (some of which is now being pursued by other artists) and embarked on an unplugged tour which was a great success, but after being placed with different producers and going through a period of direction changes they left Edel and decided to re-evaluate! For about four years both of them had been regular practitioners of Raja yoga meditation. Their spiritual life was becoming more and more important and this new awareness began to permeate their music. It was at about this time that the artist name 'bliss' came into play as Lucinda no longer wanted the focus to be on just her. A new sound was born in the album, Through These Eyes . It was written as an album you could use for meditation or relaxation but because of their strong song-writing skills and Lucinda's pure, incredible voice, it stands up in its own right. A year later after moving to Oxford and setting up a new recording facility the pair released, A hundred thousand angels a stunning collection of soul stirring songs which brought audiences to tears. Andy and Lucinda added a cellist and guitarist and began performing live at 'Mind Body Spirit' and 'Natural health' festivals. Word of their powerful live performances spread and the CDs began to sell all over the world. Therapists, healers, Hospices Prisons and schools began using this ncredible music and the word spread.2002 heralds a new album and more concerts, the album is a little more upbeat and perhaps more joyous but the authenticity of the Bliss sound is still there.
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