I am the King of France

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The third film in the Lille Trilogy, "I am the King of France" asks the question "Who am I? " The answer, clearly, is "I am the King of France." The film explores individual and national identity, celebrity, and French food. Part documentary, part game show, and part chocolate mousse, the film was shot in Paris and Lille, France in 2006 with international students of the Summer Abroad program of the Lille Catholic University, affiliated with North Carolina State University, Juniata College, and the University of Alberta, Canada.. Written, Directed, and Produced by Douglas Harned, Diane Beckman, and Selena Beckman-Harned Editing Assistance from Chris Bacon The Cast Included: Selena Beckman-Harned (Game-Show Host) Diane Beckman (Producer) Erin O'Kelley (Ms. North Carolina 2006) Larisa Ryan (Russian) Martin Bray (Historian) Suzanne Bray (Political Scientist) Kevin Dwyer (Film Critic) Amanda Allman (Gourmet) Alexis Smith (Gourmet) Coralie Briche (Marie Antoinette) Ellen Blair (Student) Mary Wilson (So-Called Student) Elise Blais (Zoo Student) Cyrielle Boidin (Zoo Student) Clair Dumortier(French-fry Gourmet) Matt Kinney (Zoo Sceptic) Also with: Amanda Allman (Vanessa Paradis) Chris Bacon (Louis XIV) Diane Beckman (Pallas Athena) Selena Beckman-Harned (Marcel Marceau) Max Beckman-Harned (Blaise Pascal) Ellen Blair (Julia Child) Elise Blais (Jeanne d'Arc) Cyrielle Boidin (Brigitte Bardot) Coralie Briche (Marie Antoinette) Amaury Capel (Napoleon) Erin Duebel (Marie Curie) Claire Dumortier (Charlemagne) Lauren Emerick (Edith Piaf) Douglas Harned (Jean-Luc Goddard) Tom Harned (Napoleon) Matt Kinney (Alexander Dumas) Selby Lo (William the Conqueror) Marion Mateo (Marie Antionette) Erin O'Kelley (Madeline) Larisa Ryan (Claude Monet) Stephanie Skaff (Chanel) Alexis Smith (Berthe Morisot) T.W. Teague (Voltaire) Audrey Vanpeperstraete (Jean Barr) Ta'nay Williams (Josephine Baker) Mary Wilson (Jeanne de Bretagne) Film Axis
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