Destiny's Child - Bad Habit


Destiny's Child (Kelly Rowland) - Bad Habit, Album: Destiny Fulfilled(2004), Columbia Records (SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT) [Verse] How many times are you gonna apologize about the same thing and how many times can I rake you back when I'm not the one who was doin wrong[when not the one who was doin wrong]I thought maybe if I started prayin that it would get better but every time I pray the answer was a waste cause back to me bein good cause we're so hard headed when we're in love so i [Chorus] I toild myself that I would some cahnges but it seems the more that I change it remains the same I can't seem to shake ya it seems you really have a hold on me and every time that we breakup we turn around and make up this can't go on now I gotta move now it's not the fact that I don't love you no more but I gotta break this bad habit can't take this bad habit no more [Verse] I'mtotally out of my elements learnin new ways to live while you're in the comfort zone not even thinkin[thinkin about me]to call when I get mad you buy me gifts thinkin that it's gonna solve every issue from the girl callin my phone[phone] from the pictures that I saw[that I saw] and every time that you break-up with me for nothin at all I've takin all I take[I've takin all I can I take] but the way you live just gotta change[ohhhh] [Chorus] [Bridge] Let me break it down have ever loved somebody so much that you just to blind to see that's all of the pain they were causin you[causin you]Ladies do you feel me[do you feel me]Have you ever loved somebody so much that you went against the right things that you should do [do]then it's time to make a change [Chorus]

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