Super Portal Maker - THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORTS!! [#34]


Lit fam. Thank y'all for watching! Expand for individual verdict and time stamps of each map. ___ Super Portal Maker is a series where 5 front paged maps of the category "Most Popular (This Week)" are played. The title is an obvious play on words of Super Mario Maker. ___ Recorded: April 29, 2017, 6:55pm - 7:07pm (12 minutes) Timezone shown is in GMT+8. ___ All face cam reactions from DashieGames: Outro from Gary Barlow: ___ 0:50 – "There's never just one solution" by xXxThat1UberBeingxXx {V.W} Lots of unused element and unused space. Alternative solutions are not always a good idea. 2/10. ___ 2:57 – "Mini Testing: Chapter 1" by The Luck Duck Blatantly rips off the story mode chambers. Try harder. 1/10. ___ 3:43 – "Night of escape 03" by Yoshimura Eto Poorly lit surfaces in a poorly designed puzzle. Look at me! I'm cool because I have a "secret" underground passage and roller coasters! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! 1/10. ___ 5:59 – "gates" by Viperdrone1964 Unnecessarily huge. Why even bother with the track platform when you can just portal across? It serves absolutely no purpose other than to waste my time. Konclan knows best. 1/10. ___ 8:03 – "Sin labs #6" by qFreshSin Yes, you are committing a lot of sins in this lab. Not only was the puzzle pathetically easy but it's also poorly lit. 1/10. ___ 9:58 – "Portal: Ad Infinitum - Chamber 03" by peef Unclear signage in a weak puzzle. It even has a visible trigger antline going to the door like come on man. The reason why you don't see the full playthrough of this map is because of how secondary it is to me as this was the sixth map out of the normal five and I have to render other playthroughs for tomorrow to keep my viewers happy. :take_that: 2/10. ___ Submit Maps ► ___ Thanks for everytime you 'LIKE' a video, it really helps my channel grow. If you enjoy my videos, subscribe for more ► ___ LINKS: Website ► Twitter ► Google+ ► LP Spreadsheet ►

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