The Babysitter Nemi Story 26

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Thanks for the 5 likes and 6 comments that showed me you guys like my story, so I must be doing something right! :) I'm against violence so I didn't really put anything about the fight between Demi and Miley. Oh and sorry for the wait! Enjoy! :) Nick's POV When Demi and Miley began to fight, it didn't take long before a crowd began to watch. I tried to pull Demi away from Miley, but one of them kept a good hold on the other so they both ended up fighting standing up. I didn't know how to separate them, until Miley's ex, Liam, got in and took charge of the situation. "Nick, you grab the brunette and I'll grab Miley. Okay!" He screamed at me as he grabbed Miley. I then took a hold of Demi pulling her away from Miley. After a while Liam and I finally pulled them apart. "You bitch! You better watch your back!" Miley screamed as she tried to get away from Liam's grip. "No you should watch your back you whore!" Demi responded. But before we heard what Miley responded back, I pulled Demi away quickly. I walked her towards some stairs close to where we were at. I sat Demi down and I crouched at her level looking at the damage Miley had done to her. "Your mom is going to kill me, when she sees you." I tell her as I clean the blood coming out of her nose. "Is it that bad?" She asks. "A bloody nose and a scratched cheek, what do you think?!" I responded to her in an angry tone. "Nick, don't be upset." "Don't be upset?! Demi, are you kidding me?! How can I not?! Look at you?!" "I'm fine." "Oh... you're fine now but wait until your mom sees you." She sighs. "She deserved it." "I won't deny it, she did but Demi you stooped to her level." "I wasn't going to ignore the fact that she called me a creature." "Are you a creature?" "No." "Then why did you just show her otherwise?" "Is that what you think of me?" She asks me with tears filling her eyes. "Of course not. Dems, but look at you. You got in a fight that caused you damage and I was right there! And I didn't even stop it." "It wasn't your fault." "It was my fault because I didn't protect you. And now your mom will hate me and separate me from you." "No, she won't, the only person she'll be mad at is me because I started the fight and if she ever does separate us I would do everything in my power to be with you once again." "You will?" She nods. "I don't know what's so special about you, Nick, but there is something in you that makes me want to keep you in my life." I smile at her and then I lean in to kiss her. Once my lips landed on hers, I kissed her with passion and she instantly kissed back adding the same passion as I did. After a while I pulled away looking into her eyes. "So, changing subject not that I'm happy but why did you come?" "Well, I came here to tell you that I talked to Joe today in the morning." "And?" "And I told him that he should tell Emily about his feelings because me and him couldn't be together because I wanted to be with you." "And what did he say?" "He said that he'll think about telling her about his feelings." "That's all?" I ask her. "Nope. He also told me that our 'relationship' is over." "So, does that mean that you have no commitment or fake commitment to anyone?" She nods her head. "Good because now I could do this with everyone looking at us." I say as I lean in and give her a quick kiss. "Is that all?" She asks me. "Of course not. Demi Lovato well you do me the honor of being my... friend?" She shakes her head. "No? How about my partner in crime?" She shakes her head again laughing. "How about my girlfriend?" She looks at me and then she instantly smiles nodding her head up and down. "I don't know what you're saying? How about you speak?" She stands up bringing me with her. She steps a step closer to me. "Yes Nick Jonas, I will do you the honor of being your girlfriend." "Good." I say as I lean down and I give her a big kiss. After a while we both pull away breathless, looking into each other's eyes as I caress her left cheek. "Now I am proud to say that I am taken by the most beautiful girl in this planet. "So, the bloody nose and the cut on my cheek still makes me look pretty?" "You're not pretty. You're beautiful and yes, they still make my girlfriend look beautiful." She smiles. "I like the sound of that." I smile. "I like it too." I peck her lips. "Now I think we should get to my house to get my clothes and while I'm there we clean you up so that cut doesn't get infected." "Alright. I just hope my mom doesn't get too mad at me." "Don't worry. I'll be there." "Good, now let's go." She says as she starts to walk away. "Wait for me!" I scream as I run to her side. We then start to walk to my house and after there we go to Demi's house. I just hope today isn't my last day alive because Demi is finally my girlfriend and it would suck if we lasted just minutes together. ---------------------------------------------------- 3+ comments and 3+ likes for the next one.
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