Movies to Video Game Review -- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (GEN)

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Movies To Video Games Reviews Review #24 --This is a Fan Requested Review-- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie for the Sega Genesis (GEN) is fully reviewed and analyzed as compared to the actual movie itself. Feel free to comment. More movies to video games reviews coming soon.. suggestions and feedback welcome and encouraged. To save on space and time in the video, the score tallies and descriptions of how I got to the scores are listed here instead. They are on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the best score possible: Story Accuracy to the Movie 6.0 (The first, second and last stage and even the ending related well to the movie. What hurts this score greatly is the fact that three stages only relate to episodes of the TV show episodes.) Music Soundtrack Accuracy to the Movies 2.5 (Every song but arguably the main theme, related only to TV show themes. Too bad as even the movie based stages should have had some songs from the huge soundtrack heard in the film..) Game Difficulty 6.0 (With only 6 stages it is short and to the point but each stage is mostly separated into parts which include zord battles and time limit based goals to have to reach. So its middle of the road as far as difficulty goes. ) Overall Fun 5.5 (Power Ranger fans and even fans of the movie should get a kick out of this game. Its the best of the bunch as far as games related to this film. But to the casual or regular gamer it may not offer enough to keep them into it for long. The game can be beat in an hour and has some different zords and characters to use and that may bring em back for more but there are better beat em up games out there to play over this one on the Genesis..) Final Score: 6.00 Average
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