The Duel | SIMBA THE KING LION | Episode 34 | English | Full HD | 1080p


Simba and his friends are exhausted after the hard battle against Shere Khan, whose forces are also in dire straits. The perfidious tiger plans a move that might turn the tables in his favour. Ronco the rhinoceros shows up at Simba's camp to challenge one of the young lion's champions. Lightning, the dinosaur puppy, volunteers and the duel takes place at a neutral site near the river. πŸ“Œ SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL 🎬 SIMBA THE KING LION 🎬 DINOFROZ 🎬 DINOFROZ 2: Dragons' Revenge 🎬 CINDERELLA 🎬 JUNGLE BOOK 🏡️ OTHER CARTOONS #KingLion #Kidflix #English

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