ASMR | World of Warcraft | Arathi Basin & Stratholme as Rogue: Whisper, Gum Chewing, & Gaming Sounds


Relaxing with World of Warcraft! This video has whispering, gum chewing, and keyboard and mouse sounds while playing Rogue in Arathi Basin battleground. I also do a quick run-through of Stratholme in an attempt to get Baron Rivendare's mount. Enjoy! ^_^ My website: If you would like to help support this channel, Paypal donations are GREATLY appreciated: If donations aren't your thing, you can still help out by doing your normal shopping on Amazon through one of my affiliate links (see the equipment links below.) Equipment ----------------- Keyboard: Microphone: Webcam: Anything you purchase from Amazon after clicking on one of these links will generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you. Want to get me jacked up on caffeine? Feed my coffee addiction here: Please Like and Subscribe!

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