IKEA Hyderabad | Hit or Flop | Completed 1st Month In INDIA


Hi Friends I hope you will like the video. This video is purely based on my own experiences and thoughts about IKEA. Please check the below links for our other videos on IKEA. IKEA VS Home Centre VS Home Town https://youtu.be/gjTuzZ_BHII IKEA's Best Products Under RS. 300 : https://youtu.be/BSV8oFZ8v0s IKEA's Best Products Under RS.100 : https://youtu.be/wRrysK0OlV0 IKEA's Best Products under RS. 5000/- https://youtu.be/PvrqVhn_Wzk IKEA's Most Useful products Review : https://youtu.be/wEsJV-o9OtQ IKEA Detailed Walk through: https://youtu.be/BOLTIBVt3Rw

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