Nirupa Roy Hit Movie 'Do Bigha Zamin' - Balraj Sahni | Jagdeep | Old Classic Movie

Duration = 01:59:45

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Do Bigha Zamin is the story of a farmer Shambu Mahato, who lives with his wife Paro and son Kanhaiya in a small village that has been badly affected by famine. The local zamindar Thakur Harnam Singh partners with some city business men to construct a mill on his large parcel of land, which in return would profit them and bring prosperity to the village. The only problem is that Shambu's land lies in the middle of the proposed area. Shambu refuses to part away with his land. Thakur Harnam Singh reminds him that either Shambu repays the money he owed him in the past or part away with his land. As per the court orders Shambu must arrange Rs 235 within 3 months or Harnam Singh becomes the owner of his land. What will Shambu do now in order to save his land? Watch this brilliant movie to know more.
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