Harry Styles King of Entertaining the Crowd - Part 1

Duration = 14:44

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Hope you enjoy! MORE PARTS COMING! Video credits : - Harry calling out a parent on the phone - Ottawa By whydemonsdance - Harry Styles - Funny, goofy and cute moments By Swiftstyles II - Kiss Her You Fool! Here at One Direction we Love Love. - Harry Styles By Trish R - one direction, harry styles -i don't even drink beer!!- @Birmingham 12_10 By like a song - One Direction - Harry Loses His Damn Mind - Kansas City, MO - 7.28.15 By NeverSometimesTV - KISS HER YOU FOOL - OTRA Vancouver July 17, 2015 By x x - Harry takes a girl's fan and reads an anniversary sign - o2 London, OTRA 28.09.15 By Larrybromance - Harry Styles finds a pregnant woman in the crowd By Staci Guenther - Harry Styles and the Kisscam (Lilo water fight) - 9/24 - o2 London By TheKA4 - One Direction OTRA London 24.9.15 - Harry and the kiss cam By Nina Larry-Newbie - Harry Styles - Splashing Water on Fans and Apologizing - Vancouver, BC 2015 By myniallerproblems - Harry booing a Bears fan_Through the Dark talk - OTRA Milwaukee By Olivia Rose - Harry talking about family, chips, charging phones, dancing and the fans - o2 London - 9_25 By TheKA4 - Harry Talking with Chad & Amy - Buffalo - Sept 3 2015 By urbanjovi - One Direction - Harry Styles talking to newly weds - OTRA Buffalo NY 09/03/2015 By Sheila Rudy - Harry Styles Talking To Couple With Rhyming Names @ OTRA Tour Cleveland - One Direction - Very Funny By MusicalRide28
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