Integral of x*cos(3x) | TI 89 Titanium Calculator Program App | Calculus | Step by Step

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Integral of x*cos(3x), at Step by Step Calculus Programs on your TI89 Titanium, Voyage 200, TI92 Plus, or Nspire Cas calculators. Programmed from real test questions. The integration & differentiation solver app gives you the choice of Calculus One Programs or Calculus two and three Programs to download and install on your respective calculator. How the Program solves Integral of x*cos(3x) Problems, ~ Bring up the menu and scroll to Integration by Parts ~ Choose cos(x) ~ Input the function by pressing ALPHA before ~ Program will review and ask for any corrections ~ Shows the formula and choices for dv and u ~ Program produces the answer with all step by step calculations PURCHASE THE PROGRAMS AT: MORE YOU U-TUBE CALCULUS VIDEOS: LET'S CONNECT! ALSO CHECK OUT MY PHYSICS PROGRAMS AT:
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