Ed Sheeran’s Mesmerizing “Bloodstream” 2015 Billboard Music Awards Performance

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Nick Jonas “Jealous” BBMAs performance►►https://youtu.be/BH34UhjhURA For all your music needs ►► http://bit.ly/ClevverMusic Uh Ed…it kicked in. You just saw a clip of Ed sheeran perfoming at the 2015 Billboard music Awards and as usual, he melted everyone’s hearts with his voice. Welcome back to Clevver’s Trophy Life where we bring you coverage of all the hottest moments all awards show season. The underpormise, overdeliver artist known as Ed Sheeran just shut down the Billboard Music Awards. To be honest, he put everyone else to shame. Ed performed “Bloodstream” a song he cowrote, off of his latest labum ‘X’. There were no dancers, no fireworks, no tricks, just pure, raw talent. The performance opened with Ed using equipment to loop his voice, and With just a few cool lights, Ed rocked out in his all black outfit, strumming on his guitar. No really, he was really strumming on that thing. He played percussion by banging on his guitar for a special performance. The audience was clapping and singing along but then Ed sang a few beautiful rifts and no one could sing along anymore because there jaws were on the floor.. After he concluded his performance the camera panned to his good friend Taylor Swfit who summed up everyone’s reaction in just three words. Oh my god is right Taylor.Sheeran is nominated for a number of awards at this year’s BBMA’s including Top Male Artist. So what did you think of Ed’s performance? DO you like that he just gets up there and rocks out or do you prefer more of a show? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe, and then click right here to check out Nick Jonas Performance. I’m your host Danielle Robay, thanks fro watching clever Music, and I’ll see you nect time. http://Clevver.com - Visit our website! http://on.fb.me/loxDu6 - Facebook Fan Page! http://Twitter.com/ClevverMusic - Follow Us! http://Twitter.com/daniellerobay
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