IKEA Haul | Part 1 | Most Useful Kitchen items


In this video I have shown 10 items that are useful in every kitchen. I have not chosen my products based on price, but based on their innovative design and utility. Although I have given the price against each item, please remember that prices are likely to change here and there whenever they add or remove offers on individual products. Thanks to IKEA, I won the IKEA family contest and was fortunate to have got a chance to shop at the IKEA Bangkok store before the Hyderabad store opened. I did a lot of shopping of very useful items there too. I try to educate myself about the product, its material, its utility and also the designer's note about the product before I purchase the product. And I wanted to show the use of each product, in the video.. As I discovered to my astonishment and respect the many IKEA items that were Made in India, I was really excited and proud and wanted to make a specific mention about it when it was an Indian made item. At the end of this video, I have included a small trailer of a few items in my next video. Will be releasing that within the next few days. Please look out for the same where I would be showing many more useful items. Thank you for watching!! Please like share and subscribe. And do keep your comments coming. I love answering each of your comments. I am also a big fan of IKEA Do-It-Yourself products. They are so easy to assemble and they come with the necessary tools and illustration manual that practically anyone can assemble them. The manufacturing precision, the design and the sturdiness only increases the admiration for IKEA. At the end of assembly, we get a felling of achievement. I have also uploaded DIY videos of the following IKEA products in my channel - RENBERGET Office chair, LACK side table, RASKOG Trolley, KNOPPARP 2 seat sofa and EKTORP 3 seat sofa. Hope you will love watching these videos too!! ====================================================== DISCLAIMER -- Although I have shown some plastic and non stick items in my video, I wish to mention that I do not recommend the buying and using of plastic. The products are shown only for their design and utility based on which I purchased them. My channel does not promote or propagate the use of plastic. Viewers are advised to use their discretion in purchase of any plastic items. ======================================================

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