Relaxing Music for Sleeping, Meditation, Studying, Calming New Age Music

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Relaxing music for sleeping, meditation, studying, calming new age music. With increasing popularity of meditation, different forms of meditation music are being introduced to assist people in achieving the objectives of concentration, focus, healing and the transformation of consciousness. “Music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to who we are, and for what, whence, and whereto”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. Why music? An interesting fact is that sound can easily be absorbed by our mind. So when a calming sound is played while meditating, our mind absorbs that sound and creates a projection of the same. The mind then helps us to focus on the music or the sound. Music is also known as the universal language of God. When the subtle sound of music enters the heart, the heart finds itself immersed in the music. The heart communicates with the music and this becomes a subtle form of inner communion. Slowly, the music helps the mind, heart, and the body to be in commune with each other. There are different styles of music for meditation: Soothing music Soothing music can be compared to pure bliss. It is soft and helps in calming the mind so that it can focus on the chakras and energy field. Normally, soothing music doesn’t have any vocal rendition and is composed using instruments like violin, piano, sitar, bagpipes, table etc. Mantra music The mantra for meditation is a completely different form of music for meditation. This type of music has vocal rendition of mantra’s and instruments in the background. The tempo of this type of music can vary from slow to fast. Mantras have different purposes such as liberation, healing, blessing, removing obstacles to awareness and flourishing of positive states of mind. Binaural music This type of music for meditation comes from modern research in psycho-acoustics and physiology and contains binaural beats. This music is created in such a way that it has a direct and profound effect on your mind. It helps the mind to relax and focus. Mindfulness bells One of the most powerful meditation aids, the mindfulness bells can be quite loud and accompanied by overtones. The salient aspect of this music is that it has a tone of religion and is great for prayer meditation. For more information, refer to: This session is titled 'Deep Blue'. Original Music by David Lewis Luong, Sydney, Australia. On David's channel, you will find hours of his original music intended to provide relaxation. David's music range from jazz, new age fusion through to classical music to love ballads, and even relaxing sound effects. Most experts agree that music affects individuals in different ways. Therefore, explore the many genres of music on David's channel. Find the music that calms and relaxes you. David LewisLuong is a member of the 'Music for Good' charity program on Reverbnation. For every song you buy from David's Reberbnation site (, 50% of the money you spend on his songs will be donated to a charity organisation. Please refer to this link for more information on how your music purchases can help: --- * Take some time off each day to relax and recharge by watching and listening to the vast collection of relaxation music videos on this channel ranging from blues, jazz, new age fusion through to classical music to love ballads, and even relaxing sound effects. * The most effective way to support me and my music is by listening and sharing them on Youtube and Google+. The music featured on EscapeOneChannel is also available for downloading from many online music stores directly from these links: Google Play: Reverbnation: iTunes: Amazon: eMusic: Spotify: * Stay up to date with the latest releases by: i) subscribing to my Youtube channel here: ii) join me on my Google+ page: * For commercial use of my music, please email your enquiry to for a quote
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