A Simple Life in the Appalachian Mountains - Chapter II

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4scwB83GbY&list=UUHHAkUOcm0VohswLIsTkmug... See complete Documentary by using link. YouTube just granted my video channel unrestricted video length which enabled me to release a complete version of 'a simple life in the appalachian mountains' - in its entirety.(Please watch Chapters I & III also) A rare opportunity presented itself for me to go deep into the woods in Appalachia to visit with some mountain dwelling Folk. Two brothers, born in the woods in a small cabin and having basically very little contact with the modern world. They live alone in the woods and are completely self-sufficient and lack for nothing. They seemed to possess an aura of contentment and dignity that belies what we would imagine or suppose about persons living this lifestyle. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing and hearing and just kept the camera rolling. Typical of the friendly, welcoming spirit that exists throughout Appalachia, I did not feel one bit unwelcome. The two brothers seemed more than happy to share their life experiences and knowledge and seemed oblivious to the camera. . It was truly enlightening and inspiring to be in the company of people completely unaffected by everything that the modern world represents. Incidentally, the sleds being discussed and shown in the video are the same type of sleds that the brothers will hitch to their mule and drag through the woods and then onto the nearby village where they can get supplies. Ronnie and his son Jesse were my guides and I am most grateful to them for affording me this visit into a world that I would have otherwise never seen. The one brother in this clip is Gene, and the others name is Hansel. Hansel makes his appearance later in the taping. I have plenty more footage which I will be posting in the future.
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