Suryaputra Karn - सूर्यपुत्र कर्ण - Episode 151 - 11th January 2017

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Subscribe to Sony Pal : Watch More Suryaputra Karn Episodes : Share this Episode : Episode 151 : --------------------- Pandavas are about to leave for Vanvas when Duryodhan insults them again by unveiling a huge portrait of Paanchali's Vastraharan. An infuriated Bheem pulls out a tree and pledges to tear down the entire Kaurava race. Meanwhile, Duryodhan and Shakuni makes a mockery of the Pandavas and laughs at their current state. Then, Sahdev takes an oath to kill Shakuni when their Vanvas ends but Yudhishtir calms him down. Before they head out for Vanvas, Arjun tells Karn to keep in memory the injustice that was bestowed upon them. About Suryaputra Karn : --------------------------------------- Abandoned by his own mother, cursed by his teacher, and forced to turn against his own kin, yet he lived a life of valour, and of compassion. His compassion for fellow beings, regardless of friend or foe, eventually led to his demise. His name is Karn, the son of Surya and Kunthi; an embodiment of Dharma and Karma. His dexterity with the bow and arrow were on par with Dronacharya's best disciple, Arjun; his quest for Daan and Dharm unparalleled. What could have been the course of Indian history if destiny did not betray him? Presenting before you is the story of a man who fought against his own destiny but in the end, lost his fight for what he believed in, Dharm. Relive the tale of Suryaputra Karn in this epic series by Sony Entertainment Television. Cast ---------- Gautam Rode - Karna/Vrishketu Saurabh Pandey - Paundraka Vasudeva/Krishna Farnaz Shetty - Vrushali Priya Bathija - Kunti Navi Bhangu - Arjuna Shaleen Bhanot - Duryodhan Ajay Jayram - Shakuni Kanan Malhotra - Yudhisthira Naved Aslam - Bhishma Pankhuri Awasthy - Draupadi Ketan Karande - Bhima Buneet Kapoor - Nakula Suchit V. Singh - Sahadeva About Channel : -------------------------- Sony PAL is a Hindi General Entertainment Channel that is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Sony PAL is proud to be India’s premier women-centric entertainment channel, which offers a diverse bouquet of your favourite shows allowing you to relive your cherished moments with your most-liked characters. With Sony PAL, live and grab every moment because 'Yeh Pal Hamara Hai'. -------------------------------------------- You can also visit us at Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Also get Sony LIV app on your mobile Google Play - ITunes -
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