Mercedes SLS AMG tunnel advert - fake

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Music used with permission - 1 What are these characters doing here? The two team guys have their masks and goggles on, but the firefighters have their visors up. 2 This chap could almost be a model 3 The cones cast shadows 4 Now they dont. But the right hand side of the tunnel entrance does 5 There is no reason for the firefighters to stand here. They are in danger themselves, and endanger the car. 6 This firefigher does know how to tie the waist strap for his tank properly. It's just hanging down. 7 The firefighters hide behind blocks, but other people are just standing around in the road. 8 However this camera is positioned, it's in danger of being hit by the car if it goes on the wall, or if it aborts. Infact, the camera rig would block any abort route. 9, 10, 11 Frame rotation here 12 This guy and the camera are right in the escape path for an abort. No safety official would allow that. 13 Look at the left hand side of the road - it's clear 14 Now it's not. The tunnel is straight 15 No stunt co-ordinator on Earth would allow an arrangement like this. 16 17 18 The strange red light Go back to where the car launched from, and you'll see that same light. The tunnel is curved too. This means the car did a u-turn whilst it was upside down. 615
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