How Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Should Have Ended

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How Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Should Have Ended! The dark side of youtube is a pathway to many comment sections some would consider to be... unnatural. Episode 3 is finally here and our journey to the Star Wars HISHE saga is complete... until Force Awakens and so on and so on. Thank you so much for watching! This was a very fun episode to work on and has maximized our anticipation for the Force Awakens. May the force be with you all, and we will see you next time! Check out the Flash Sale in our store! New designs are LIMITED EDITION and will only be available until January 4th! So preorder NOW! Watch More HISHEs: Subscribe to HISHE: Guest Voice: Brock Baker Background Artist - Otis Frampton Follow us on Twitter @theHISHEdotcom Follow us on Instagram @HISHEgram Like us on Facebook: Help us translate our videos on Amara: --------------Previous Episodes-------------------- Original Star Wars HISHE Empire Strikes Back HISHE Return of the Jedi HISHE How The Phantom Menace Should Have Ended: BAT BLOOD - A Batman V Superman AND Bad Blood Parody ft. Batman: How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended: Villain Pub - The New Smile: How Jurassic World Should Have Ended: How Inside Out Should Have Ended: How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended - Part Two: How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended - Part One: Super Cafe: Batman v Superman - It’s On! How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Should Have Ended: Batman Meets Galadriel: How The Battle of the Five Armies Should Have Ended: How X-Men: Days of Future Past Should Have Ended: Jurrassic World - Raptor Training: Movie Mash: Gremlins and Taken: How to Train Your Dragon 2 HISHE: Lego HISHE- Sand People are Bad Shots: How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended: How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended: HISHE Bonus Bundle: How The Maze Runner Should Have Ended: Megatron Misses Shia: How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended: Villain Pub- To The Tailor: The Lego HISHE 2 (The Alternate Ending): How the Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Should Have Ended: How Captain America: The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended: How Godzilla Should Have Ended: Villain Pub- To Battle!: How Frozen Should Have Ended: The Lego HISHE: How The Batman Begins Should Have Ended: How The Desolation of Smaug Should Have Ended: How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended: How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended: How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended:
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