Coolie No.1

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Superhit Comedy Movie Coolie No.1 (1995) Synopsis: Hoshiyar Chand Chaudhary (Kader Khan) is a wealthy man having two daughters. He wishes to get them married in a house which has 40 times more the money he has. Pandit Shaadiram Gharjode (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) proposes a family to Hoshiyar Chand, but since they are not wealthy, he insults Panditji and tells him to leave. Panditji then decides to take revenge for the same and plots a plan to teach Hoshiyar Chand a lesson. He gets his friend Raju (Govinda), who is a coolie at the bus stop, and asks him to pretend to be the richest man of Asia. Panditji, along with Raju meets Hoshiyar Chand's daughter Malti (Karisma Kapoor) and the two eventually fall in love. On seeing the amount of wealth Raju has, Hoshiyar Chand also approves for the marriage. It is after the marriage that the truth is revealed to Hoshiyar Chand and Malti that Raju is a coolie at the bus stop and not a wealthy man. Hoshiyar Chand is now trying hard to get the two separated and hence the story takes a hilarious turn.
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