SKT T1 Bang - Caitlyn vs Ashe - ADC - Highlights (Dec 24, 2016) | 뱅 케이틀린

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SKT T1 뱅 - 원딜 케이틀린 vs 애쉬 하이라이트 입니다. ▶Full Game: ▶Runes & Masteries: ▶Subscribe: Player: SKT T1 Bang (Master 69LP) Server: Korea Client Version: 6.24 Blue Team: [D2] artistic ad - Ashe [D1] rammus djamal - Taliyah [M1] poenitudo - Lee Sin [D1] GooDaeGi - Janna [D3] 꼭두각시 피에로 - Yasuo Red Team: [D1] Jin Air Kuzan - Viktor [D2] 메르스 증상 - Thresh [M1] SKT T1 Bang - Caitlyn [M1] 네르찡 - Kennen [M1] 레드는 20분부터 - Graves
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